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noufam: [ noo, fam-uh-lee, ]

nou: creole word for "we are." A play on words representing something new; a rebirth centered around family, united, together, one.

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Bonjou! We are glad you are here.

We exist to create a family environment for every kid that comes into our care. 

EDUCATION, JOB CREATION, and FAMILY PRESERVATION are the cornerstones of our mission. There is an epidemic known as the “Orphan Cycle” plaguing many developing countries such as Haiti. Being the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, poverty is a major contributor to this destructive cycle. Many orphans in Haiti still have parents who are alive and often, nearby. Given the severe poverty, parents either leave their kids to the streets, traffic them or sell them to wealthier families as house slaves. Most of our kids were rescued from trafficking and some were found on the streets as young as 4 years old. With our mission to preserve family, we have a foster care model set in place for specific families who meet the qualifications. We believe in the power of family, and we are devoted to strengthening, re-unifying, and developing the family structure by building homes, creating a culture, and teaching them responsibility.


EDUCATION is a powerful weapon to combat poverty and oppression, and we are committed to implementing enriching and creative environments on the ground year-round. Our long-term goal is to build an after-school program where we host our feeding program in the village. 


We are focused on a long-term investment by partnering with locals. All of our programs and efforts will be run indigenously, with the mindset of empowerment and sustainability through JOB CREATION. As of today, we have two homes: a kid's home and a transition home for older boys. We also have a feeding program, a social goods business, and soon - a coffee farm. All of these avenues have provided jobs and we are excited to build our team as we grow! 


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job creation

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family preservation

Meet out founders

Meet our founders.


Patrick and Lauren Nelson

Patrick and Lauren Nelson, also known in Haiti as “Chuko and Little Lime” met in Haiti in the summer of 2013. They lived on the grounds for almost two years getting to know the language and culture of the locals. After spontaneously rescuing 12 kids from a local trafficking ring, they opened up their first kids home. They became best friends in this beautiful land by bonding over good music, incredible people, the best fried chicken in the world and learning to parent early on. They got married, moved to Dallas and now have three boys of their own. They now travel back and forth to Haiti, their home away from home. 

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Favorite things to do:

Dance, play basketball, eat sushi + tacos and spend time with their friends.

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We have 3 Stateside Staff members and 15 full time Haitian staff. We truly couldn't do this without everyone.


SO thankful to have our team. 

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